Guide: Swagbucks

Site: Swagbucks
Payout Given: Paypal, Gift Cards, Merchandise
Minimum Payout:Varies By Item Redeemed
Referrals?: Yes, One Level, Up To 1000 Points Through Your Referral's Searches

The Easy Lowdown:
  • Daily Polls: 1 point /day for taking the poll,  you do NOT earn for taking past polls
  • NOSO: 2 points /day, No Obligation Special Offers, skip offers and fill in the captcha at the end
  • Swagbucks TV: Up to 75 points /day, watch videos for at least one minute to fill up meter 10% at a time, 100% = 3 points
  • Search: Using their search engine, points awarded randomly, point amount randomly generated, earning points are NOT topic specific within the search, entirely random
  • Games: Earn 2 points for playing games, up to 10 points /day, must finish game and click "Back to Games" 2-4 times before you get credit
  • Coupons: Earn 10 points for each coupon used, find and print a coupon through Swagbucks and redeem the coupon at your local store, no points for unredeemed coupons even if you printed them
  • Ad Rewards: Under Special Offers, up to five videos /day, 1 point /video, videos provided by AdGenesis
  • Gambit Videos: Under Special Offers, approximately 5-30 videos /month, 1-2 points /video
  • Peanut Labs Videos: Under Special Offers, approximately 5-30 videos /month, 2-3 points /video
  • RadiumOne Videos: Under Special Offers, approximately 3-10 videos /month, 1-2 points /video
  • Super Rewards Videos: Under Special Offers, approximately 1-3 videos /month, 1 point /video 
  • Survey Profiles: Under Trusted Surveys, fill out various profiles to earn points, one time only for each profile, up to 34 points for all profiles
  • Swag Codes: They are codes randomly found throughout Swagbucks and are worth a random amount, typically expire within a few hours
About Swagbucks:
  • Swagbucks has been around since early 2008 and have a consistent payment record.
  • They have a blog that informs members of updates and other special events.
  • Only offered in the USA, UK or Canada, no other countries.

How To Earn Points (Easy Way): 

The Daily Polls is a guaranteed easy way to earn a point a day. Simply clip Daily Polls on the sidebar, answer the question and submit.  Easy!

NOSO is worth two points each day and can typically be finished under thirty seconds.  NOSO stands for No Obligation Special Offers, click NOSO on the sidebar to start.  Click the "Start Earning Now" button, you will move onto a random amount of offers, simply clip "skip" or "see next offer" if you are not interested in the advertised offer.  At the end, you will need to fill in a captcha code and voila, you got 2 points!

Swagbucks TV features a variety of short clips.  Simply watch a clip for thirty-sixty seconds (video advertising also counts) and a meter will fill up 10%.  Once you fill up the meter to 100%, you will be instantly credited 3 points!  You can only win 75 points per day (filling up the meter twenty five times each day).
Tip: You do not need to finish the video if it is longer then thirty-sixty seconds, you will keep your meter credit if you refresh or click a different video immediately after.  If the video is  very short, simply wait until you see the meter fill up.

Swagbucks has a Search feature to win points.  Use it as you would any search engine.  You can win multiple times a day using the Search feature, each time is random and not guaranteed.  Points earned are random, you may win between 1 and 1000 points, obviously closer to the bottom.  Clicking on the search result links will not increase your odds of winning in the future.
Tip: Every Friday, you are more likely to win and win bigger!  It is called Mega Swag Bucks Day (MSBD)!

Earn points by playing Games.  In order to earn points, you must pick and play a game.  After the game has ended, click "Back to Games".  Pick and play another game (or the same one as before, all games are fairly short), when the game has ended click "Back to Games" once again.  You should now have earned 2 points.  You may do this five times a day to get up to 10 points. Find Games by clicking it on the sidebar.
Note: You must finish the game and click "Back to Games" every time in order to earn points.  Playing the same game over and over without clicking "Back to Games" will not earn you credit, they want you to watch the advertiser before each game.
Note: It may take more than two games to earn the 2 points, it may take more times, up to four in my experience.

Coupons can be printed through Swagbucks.  For each coupon you print and redeem at a store, you will earn 10 points.
Note: Points earned through Coupons may take up to 8-12 weeks AFTER you've redeemed them at a store, so be patient.
Note: You will be required to install software on your computer called Coupon Printer.  It is safe to install and does not contain malware, it may also be easily uninstall from your computer.

Ad Rewards are videos you can watch to earn 1 point each  You can find Ad Rewards by clicking the Special Offers option under the Earn category.  At most per day you can get is five videos, some days you might not get any videos to watch. In order to get credited for watching the video, two numbers will randomly scroll across the screen during the video. At the end of the video, you will need to enter the two numbers, in any order, to get paid. If you mess up, don't worry, you can watch the video as many times as you want to get it right. Some videos also enter you into sweepstakes for various prizes. The videos are instantly credited to your account.  The videos are provided by AdGenesis.

Gambit Videos are also offered on Swagbucks.  Videos may not be offered every day, but when they are they are worth 1-2 points depending on the advertiser.  Watching the videos are a very easy way to earn points and are highly recommended.  To find Gambit Videos, click on Special Offers, find the Gambit tab, if there are videos available there will be a tab under Gambit called Videos.  Completely watch the video to be credited.
Tip: Some videos may be watched more than once, cycle through and keeping watching until the videos are no longer available.

Peanut Labs Videos can be found under Special Offers, much like Gambit Videos.  Click on Special Offers, find the Peanut Labs tab, look throughout the offers they have available.  Peanut Labs Videos will typically be worth 2-3 points making them easy to find.  Clicking on a link will open up a window within Peanut Labs to watch the video.  Completely watch the video to be credited.
Tip: Some videos may also be found on Gambit and can be credited again through that offer.

Click on Special Offers, find the RadiumOne tab, look throughout the offers they have available.  RadiumOne Videos are not as often videos as under Peanut Labs or Gambit.  Some RadiumOne Videos might not be available under Swagbucks even though they might be offered at other GPT sites.  If videos are present, they will usually have the video loaded on the offer page, all that you need to do is click to start the video and watch until completion to be awarded 1 point.
Tip: Some videos may be hidden on later pages, be sure to check all the offer pages to find all available videos.

Click on Special Offers, find the Super Rewards tab, they will have a tab called Videos.  Super Rewards Videos are not as often as Peanut Labs, Gambit or even RadiumOne.  Do not be surprised if you only find one or two videos a month, but they are easy points when available.

For a one time point boost, click Trusted Surveys on the sidebar.  Under Trusted Surveys, there should be Survey Profiles on the right hand side you can fill out.  Each profile is worth a small amount of points, either 2 or 4 points.  Filling out the profiles also provides you with surveys you are more likely to qualify for.

Swag Codes can be found throughout Swagbucks.  They may be found on a blog post, on their Facebook page, on a Swagbucks TV clip or many other places.  Their point value can range and each code must be entered within a certain time period or else the code will expire.  Each code can only be entered once.  Enter the code on the main splash page at the upper right hand corner.

How To Earn Points (Hard Way):

Tasks can be completed to earn points.  Tasks usually take more time, require you to do searches and you have to do a good job at them.  As you work on a task, your accuracy will go down if you answer incorrectly or perform an inadequate job.  If you go below a certain threshold, you will not be credited for doing the task.

Swagbucks also has Surveys which are more time consuming but offer a larger amount of points when completed.  Find Surveys by clicking Trusted Surveys on the sidebar.  I do not partake in surveys because of how long they take, but also the fact that even after you've spent time answering questions you might not "qualify" to finish the survey and be credited.

There are many more ways to earn points, especially by going through all the offers found under Special Offers.  Some may be easy, some may be hard, some may never credit.  How much you earn through these offers will depend on how much effort you want to go through.

*Guide Last Updated On 10/25/2011